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A unique DVD that poses the question “Who really created the great civilizations of the world and who were our real ancestors?” What made it possible for ancient cultures such as the Inca, the Maya and the Egyptians to suddenly appear on the timeline of history already endowed with very advanced skills and cosmic knowledge? These questions are not adequately answered by conventional archaeology, but this film attempts to look through the eyes of the ‘ancestors’, revealing evidence that challenges the mainstream historical view. Secrets in the Stones explore the probability that the architects of our ancient world were really cosmic colonizers!
Stunning scenes are enriched with the beautiful music of international composer Paul Armitage – his unique soundscape invites you to enter your own inner spiritual journey of discovery travelling through the mysterious world of the Maya, Egyptian and Peruvian cultures.
The DVD features a wealth of temple artwork including some of the exceptional work of classical artist Diana May Nobbs, who lived amongst the ancient Mayan temple sites for many years. Diana's artwork encapsulates the very timeless essence of these enigmatic sacred sites.
Embracing more than ten years of my travels and research into ancient earth mysteries.  It opens up a vista into the essence of who we really are and highlights the dream we are awakening from.   Two further DVD’s are in the planning stages - unravelling much more of the mystery of our ancient ancestors.   Rob Underhill
Please note: - Part one is currently sold out - however a new production run will be coming .


“Creative Brilliance”   “Work of Art”   “Beautifully put together”
Miles Johnston - Investigative Film Producer. Former BBC - Sky Television and Irish Radio Engineer.
“…the music, narration and overall presentation make for a compelling video. Congratulations!”

Robert Gendler - Astrophotographer and author of ‘A Year in the Life of the Universe’.
“WOW, it's wonderful. So beautifully put together, professionally done and amazing quality pictures. The message comes across so well and must make people think! A must for a TV company to show it.”

Sandy Stevenson: Australian author of the bestselling books ‘The Awakener’ & ‘I Am Here’, and international workshop presenter.
“I want to congratulate you on creating a gem of a DVD. It is so wonderful to look at images that have intrigued and fascinated me over the years beautifully presented … very inspiring and thought-provoking … the music and artwork is so beautiful and made watching it a very relaxing and awe inspiring experience”

Julie – Reflexology Practitioner
 “Beautiful DVD, it really touched my heart. I could feel all the love that you put into the film. This should go out all over the world!”

Aluna Joy Yaxkin: International author, spiritual life coach and renowned sacred site guide.

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