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Over the last thirty years a large body of valuable research has clearly revealed that a  very advanced prehistoric culture created many of the world’s ancient megalithic sites and what remains today is only the mere remnants of a very sophisticated  'Library of the Cosmos'.
There is an enormous missing period from our ancient past that challenges the present academic view of our origins. Megalithic structures like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey - dated to be at least 11,500 years old and fifty times larger than Stonehenge,  requires a rethink about the source of our ancient origins.  The mysterious elongated skulls of Paracus, Peru and the unexplained plethora of pyramids around the world, pose deep questions, "are we the survivors from some forgotten great catastrophe?"
As Carl Sagan said  “Something incredible is waiting to be found."

Megalithic Mysteries

Gobekli Tepe ancient city
Easter Island statues
Olmec caring from Mexico
Intiwatana Machu Picchu Peru

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